October 1998 – just after purchase. These shots show exterior and interior between purchase and commencement of renovation work in January 1999. These are the “before” shots…

The front (NE side) from the street looking SSW.

The back (SW side) prior to renovation.

The Back looking WNW

The old kitchen. Note the very stylish lime green and mission brown (the ’70s have sooooo much to answer for!)

The old master bedroom which has become the new study.

The SW bedroom held a nasty surprise as the reward for removing wallpaper. About here it was decided to strip all the horsehair plaster out of the house and put in Gyprock later in the renovation.

Rob visited one morning and all was normal, he came back in the afternoon and the house was 3M higher! Looking from the East, the dutch gable was completed before the house was raised.

The raised house from the North.

The new stumps and footings go in and the temporary ones are removed. Also the front “sun room” has been removed to make way for the new balcony off the master bedroom.

Footings and drainage for the new garage are being prepared. Heaps of rain about this time but the builders keep on building…

Ready to pour the new slab. Notice the rain clouds! The orange plastic in the back yard is a Moreton Bay criuser that was doing a not very convincing imitation of a swimming pool. This was later removed and we don’t talk about the pool!

The new slab is in and the framing of the new level has been started. This was probably one of the most labour intensive stages as nothing about the old house was square!

The new garage frame is complete and ready for cladding…

The cladding is nearing completion and the new roof is on the garage. The builder sourced original tiles to match existing. The colour didn’t matter as all were to be resurfaced. Of course the sky is blue here… most of the work that was rain sensitive is complete!

2 weeks from completion. The exterior and painting is now complete and paths and driveway are laid. The garage door in on and the house is to “lock-up” stage. Also, the new balustrading on the balcony is complete. Just a few interior details to finalise and it is ready to move in…

Mid May just after moving in. Looking from the eastern corner across the lounge towards the kitchen.

Looking East towards the dining area and front doors.

The master bedroom has a half height wall dividing it into a bedroom and a parent’s retreat/dressing room. Looking west towards the ensuite.

The new stair well. Balustrading in Ash and Stainless Rope has since been added by Rob’s boat building Nephew.

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