casadellawilson now

This gallery is dedicated to the casadellawilson home as it is now (in January 2005).

Looking SWest at the patio with new concrete.

Wide view of casadellawilson from the street looking almost due West.

Tighter view from the street looking South-West.

The Entrance and Master BR balcony from the street looking South.

Tighter view of the garage and roofline looking South from the street.

The rear of casadellawilson looking ENE. The rear patio has raked ceilings and is entertainment central when the weather is not too hot. To the right is a very poor view of the circular herb garden which has a pond with water feature (which Tara has now rearranged) and paths in the centre. One 2004(and now 2005) project is to redo the path in sandstone pavers and deco granite.

The rear looking North with another very poor view of the herb garden.

Looking SEast showing the new concreting done just before we went to the US in August.

Tight view of the garage looking SE.

New concrete down the NW side of the house.