Angelica and Gianni’s visit

During the “whiplash tour” first week of their honeymoon, Angelica and Gianni make a lightning visit to casadellawilson…

Many thanks to Natasha for the photography. Click on any image to get a larger version…

The happy couple

and the gathering of the clan begins…

Noris and Kris with Angelica and Gianni

Zac and Josh play ball

Levis and Kris get in on the game

Gabby – helping as always…

the girls…

the adorable Nadia

again, the happy couple

time for food yet?



Primo Piatto…

and the clan starts gathering

between courses – plenty of “english practice”

behind the scenes

Rob @ the barbie

from left to right – Anna (bits of), Josh, Noris, Zac and Kris

Levis and Anne-Marie

Rob and Nadia

Levis and Anne-Marie

Gabby, Zac and the Snout

during dinner

from left to right – Kris, Levis, Anne-Marie, Anna, Gianni and Angelica

Group shot – from left to right – Nadia, Josh, Anna, Kris, Gabby, Natasha, Levis, Zac, Noris, Anne-Marie, Angelica and Gianni

Group shot 2 – from left to right – Josh, Kris, Anna, Rob, Gabby, Nadia, Natasha, Zac, Levis, Noris, Gianni and Angelica

Who’s who?
Thought we’d include a bit of a who’s who to jog the memory… If you look at the last group shot, it will make this easier.

From the left…
– Josh is Anna’s boyfriend and Anna and Kris are Noris’ kids (Genevieve is the oldest but is in the USA).
– casadellawilson is Rob and Nadia’s place
– Gabby, Natasha and Zac are Levis and Anne-Marie’s (see the previous group shot) kids (Tanya is the oldest but couldn’t be at the party).
– …and, Gianni is Angelica’s husband.

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  1. Hello Rob, I’m Gianni and I saw your photos into your site before the cd you send me at the Gabriele address.
    Angelica and I are very glad to have meet you. When all my photos will be developed I sand you photos and movie. Kiss Nadia for us. Bye Bye!

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