Four tips to a perfect steak

This builds on three tips from the Super Butcher which are the crux of how to cook the perfect steak.

  1. The steaks should be fully defrosted and then seasoned with pink salt and pepper – Note: season immediately before they go on the grill. I’ve seen people “prepare” the steaks hours before only to have the salt get rid of the essential juices before they even hit the barbie.
  2. Have your BBQ/grill (or pan) HOT! You want the steak to sizzle when you place it on the grill, turn it down if needed afterwards but make sure it sizzles to start.
  3. Only turn the steak once and don’t keep prodding it with the tongs – I call the constant turners/prodders “steak botherers” (or, alternatively and somewhat unfortunately, brothers-in-law).
  4. Lastly, how to tell if a steak is ready. The important thing is NEVER cut a steak to see if it’s ready as this releases the beautiful juices you’ve worked so hard to retain. Instead, try the touch test…

The touch test:
Rare – hold your right hand out flat and touch the meaty muscle at the base of your thumb with your left index finger. If this feels the same as when you touch your steak, it’s done to perfect rare (the steak that is, not your hand!).

Medium Rare – just touch (and I mean just touch, don’t put any pressure on) your right index finger to the tip of your right thumb forming a circle and tightening the muscle slightly. Then, with your left index finger, touch the meaty muscle at the base of your right thumb. That’s how a medium-rare steak should feel if you touch it with a finger.

Medium – Doing the same with the second finger again tightens the muscle slightly and that’s how a medium steak should feel.

Medium-well – Touching the ring finger to the thumb gives how a medium-well steak should feel

Well – …and the little finger, you guessed it, is how a well done steak should feel.

Testing this way doesn’t destroy the steaks and also gives you an excuse to lick the beautiful brown meat caramel off your finger giving you a little chef’s preview to the great taste!