Anna’s 21st Birthday Party

The party gets started

General milling and mixing

Joshua, Zac and Danielle

Christian and Natasha


Is this a line up?

Rob and Josh

The boys fueling up for a spot of mischief

Remo and Deb

The Bryants with Nori

Watching the “This is your life” production

Zac, Andrew and Levis

Anne-Marie with xx and xx

Josh and Rob

Nori and Anna

Josh, Nori, xx and Anna



The birthday cakes

…happy birthday dear Annie…

…Hip hip…

Matty… “Self portrait” circa 2004

Josh and xx

Oi, this looks like trouble. Lemonade in a beer bottle?

Rob and Nads


Deb and Tanya

Family photo

xx and Annie

Here’s trouble


Tanya’s 21st

and a belated Happy Birthday Tanya! Sorry for the delay in getting these up to the site… Click on any of the images for a closer look.

…and the fun begins…

Ann-Marie composed a quiz on Tanya’s favourite things (candy bar, actress, drink… you get the idea)… and the real question is… “how well DOES Tanya know Tanya?”

The dreaded book of memorabilia from day 1 to now.

No cheating on the quiz, ‘Tasha!

“I know this one!”

Andrew’s Mum and Dad

Tanya’s Mum and Dad (not the best shot, sorry)

More memorabilia

Birthday Bear & friends

Tanya and Andrew (the one where Andrew IS smiling)

OH MY GOD!!!!!! Kris does have a mobile and not just a number!

Don’t get in the way, you could lose a limb!

they say you should watch what you eat!

…and when it’s all too much (or it just gets too late), the best of them just drop where they stand (sit)…

…and the cake arrives

Oh my God… SO many candles

…and as the smoke settles…

…the bear watches closely and is very worried

Once more for the camera…

Oh Kris, so shy?

Annie and Josh